1 What should you do if the tooth bleeding easily?

    If you have healthy tooth ,then you won't be bored for your bleeding teeth.  Too Much gums bleed is due to poor oral hygiene, food debris, dental plaque and tartar often accumulate around the tooth,all sorts of bacteria in the mouth increase to large numbers, resulting gingivitis and bleeding gums occur. Through using water floss of Clean-Power ,it would 360 °highly clean your mouth and gums ,it will be obviously improved after using water floss .

2 Do you still have to brush your teeth after using oral  irrigator?

  Your sleeping time is longer at night,the oral internal acid strengthened,Anaerobic bacteria infested. In the morning ,it’d better use toothbrush with toothpaste to break it down,at other times,such as after meals and bedtime we can use oral irrigator 

3 How to prevent tooth decay?

  Keep the mouth clean, after getting up and before going to sleep, carefully brush your teeth with water floss to clean the teeth, it can effectively control the continuous generation of dental plaque, reduce the chance of plaque formation; After eating and drinking, immediately use it also can effectively remove food debris between the mouth and teeth

4  How long does the service life of our toothbrush?

   After using toothbrush, there is a hidden water and hard to see small food residue in the dense brush. In such a humid environment,the bacteria use it as a breeding ground,the correct maintenance method is instant rinse,drying,brushing upward in ventilated and dry place after finish brushing,but even if you could do that, around 3-5 months or so,  the growth of bacteria in the bristles is exceed allow degrees.

   Therefore, in addition to proper maintenance toothbrush, we should be replaced a new toothbrush after 3-5 months ,this spending on dental care is worth to you.

5 How to choose proper electric toothbrush for kids?

   1 Soft bristle: General bristle flexibility is relatively soft, medium and hard three levels. Soft & filamentary toothbrush is the best choice for a kid , because the child's teeth and gums are more tender,it is easy to be hurt.

   2 Small head:  It can flexibly brush the mouth up and down.so as to brush every tiny place 

   3 Rough handle: The child's hand is not flexible enough to handle , meticulous grip is not easy to handle

   4 Cleaning: Toothbrush must be promptly and thoroughly cleaned after use. Otherwise, after a period of use, the toothbrush will remain a large number of bacteria.

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